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Forex money management tips

Money management in Forex trade is what distinguishes somebody who is experienced in this trade and an amateur. Despite the fact that traders know the importance of money management very few of them actually practice. The laborious nature of this task and the fact that it requires a lot of attention makes most traders shy away.
Trading Forex needs strict money management; it is what differentiates this trade with gambling. Managing money well is the only way that a trade can make money, there are no two way about it. Doing it any other way will lead to disastrous effects such as getting a small profit margin or even going at a loss. This stresses on the need to have good money management skills in this trade. Continue reading

Avatrade Forex broker for PC Mac OS iOS Android

In the classification of the Forex broker, we have found AvaTrade to be among the top positions. So, let’s give a look to this broker to better understand how does it work. AveTrade has been estabilished in Dublin in 2006 and today has offices in the most important trading cities, such as Tokio, New York, Sydney, Dublin, Paris and Milan. Controlled by several banks and commissions (first of all the Central Bank of Ireland, the Australian Securities & Investments Commission in Autralia and the Financial Services Commission in Japan) it is available in several languages, among which the most common european ones and Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, and Taiwanese. Continue reading

What is Forex trading

To understand what a Forex trading is, we must for first explain what a Forex is. The term Forex derives from Foreign Exchange Market and is reffered to as Forex or FX or currency market. It is the market for the trading of the currency, and it involves all the buying and selling among the greater international banks. In particular, a great role in Forex is played by the National Central Banks that should have the role to control money supply or inflation.

So the Forex trading represent the trade of the different currencies. Of course, the trade is to be considered among different countries that have different currencies. Let’s see an example: in the great part of Europe, the currency is the Euro, while in England the currency is the Pound. So, if we buy the Euro and in the same time we sell the Pounds, or vice versa, we are are operating a Forex trading. Continue reading