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Gross Domestic Product – Forex economic indicator

Gross Domestic Product Definition

The release of economic data is important to a Forex trader, the timing as well as the data which is released greatly influences the choices that they make in the course of their trading. The Forex economic indicators usually create volatility, speculation as well as hope for those who are involved in the trade. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is one of the indicators that a Forex trader looks into in order to make sound decision. It simply means all the total market value of the goods and services which are produced within a given country in a certain period. For example in United States, the amount can be broken down into the following categories, that is, government expenditures, net exports, investment and consumption. Continue reading

Retail Sales – Forex economic indicator

Retail Sales Definition

A Forex trader is interested in different economic indicators; they help in the decision making process leading to sound investment. The information obtained through use of these indicators help in knowing when to step up, hold or even exit from a market. Retail sales report is one of the important Forex economic indicators that one considers or consults when making the required decisions. It mainly gives the Forex trader a rough idea on the level at which the consumer is spending. Continue reading

Employment Change – Forex economic indicator

Employment Change Definition

Economic indicators are bits and pieces of economics and financials reports which are published by different agencies of private sector as well as the government. These statistics are usually made public on a regular basis; this can either be monthly, quarterly, and yearly while some, though rare, may be issued to cover a longer period. The data is supposed to help the market analyst and observers monitor the performance of a country economy. Continue reading

Unemployment rate – Forex economic indicator

Unemployment rate Definition

There are different economic indicators that affect the currency of a country and in essence its economy. Unemployment rate is one of the indicators that can either lead to an increase or decrease in the value of a currency. This means that the release of economic indicators by the body which is charged with the role of managing a country statistics have an important bearing on the currency trade. Continue reading

Consumer Confidence – Forex economic indicator

Consumer Confidence Definition

Investors need information that will guide them in making economic decision. This information is usually available at any particular time of the year, therefore any trader who is looking forward to make important economic decision should rely on it to be in a position to make viable conclusions. One of the most important parameter is economic indicator. Continue reading

Consumer Price Index – Forex economic indicator

Consumer Price Index Definition

CPI is the acrostic for Consumer Price Index. The CPI is very useful because it is a sort of guide to inflation in the USA. In order to check the variations, it examined a “basket of goods” containing some products, the most important in the normal life of a person living in the US, using them to check the differences in price from a year to another. These products could be milk, bread, eggs, water and so on. Continue reading