Avatrade Forex broker for PC Mac OS iOS Android

In the classification of the Forex broker, we have found AvaTrade to be among the top positions. So, let’s give a look to this broker to better understand how does it work. AveTrade has been estabilished in Dublin in 2006 and today has offices in the most important trading cities, such as Tokio, New York, Sydney, Dublin, Paris and Milan. Controlled by several banks and commissions (first of all the Central Bank of Ireland, the Australian Securities & Investments Commission in Autralia and the Financial Services Commission in Japan) it is available in several languages, among which the most common european ones and Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, and Taiwanese.

Avatrade review

This broker is characterised by several trading platforms, all very easy to use, where is it possible to trade in several fields, from Forex to Indices, from Equities to Commodities and so on. For those not very skilled in trading, the user-friendly interface is very useful to start understand how this world works: in fact several information on the markets, on the data analysis and so on are given in a way very easy to understand. AvaTrade platforms are Ava Trader, Meta Trader 4, Meta trader 4 Floating Spreads, Ava Option, Automated Trading, Mac Trading, Web Trading and Mobile Trading (OS, iOS, Android). It is very easy to realize that the last three are dedicated, respectively, to those that trade from Mac computers (but also from tablet in Java), to those that browse the web using Firefox, Safari, Explorer or Google Chrome and the last one, the Mobile Trading, to those who access the market from their mobile devices, using iPhone, iPad, Windows or Android.

How to start a trade with AvaTrade forex broker

AvaTrade is easy to use and does not require a great starting investment: in fact a deposit of one hundred USD (United States Dollar) is enough to open a trading position with this broker. As regards the leverage ratio, it is up to one to four hundred (1:400), that is a really suitable ratio both for novices and skilled traders. And for those that are beginners, the broker offer several tools for study and understand how the Forex trading works: webinars and video tutorial, but also updated news on the market and the Forex, market analysis, books and eBooks and so on.
And for those that want to learn without risk, or simply play to be a Forex trader, AvaTrade offers the possibility to open a demo account that is free and that allows to practice in a total ‘relaxed’ way, as it only works with virtual money. The real accounts, instead, are of different kinds. The first is the Avatrade Silver Account, created for the beginners or for those that want to deposit only a little sum. To open this account, in fact, the trader only need to deposit one hundred USD and then he can start his trading. For those more experienced, the Gold Account is proposed, that required a deposit of one thousand USD to be opened. The third possibility is the Platinum Account, dedicated to the Forex traders with great experience and that can offer a deposit greater than ten thousand USD. Those that are very expert and also interested in greater investments, can choose to open the Ava Select, an account that requires a deposit of one hundred thousand USD. The deposits can be payed by credit or debit card or by wire transfer. For not EU clients, several e-payment form are also allowed. As regads the withdrawals, they are payed back in the same way the deposit has been payed, and this take usually five business days. All the Forex trading are free and the broker does not charge commissions from any trading. In fact, like all the brokers, AvaTrade earns from the spread. Depending on the opened account, the spread can be fixed or floating and usually ranges from three to seven pips depending on the currency pairs.

Avatrade and binary options

Avatrade does not only offer the opportunity to trade in the Forex trading, but also in the binary option. This possibility is not visible on the site of the broker, as Avatrading has launched the binary option under the brand of PowerOption. So, on the PowerOption platform the binary options trading is available, in the high/low, in the sixty second and in the one-touch options.